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November 4, 2017
Absorbopak, Changing the shipping container story.
February 7, 2018

Moisture control


Whoever has opened a shipping container only to find his valuable cargo rusted, mouldy and dripping with water can readily appreciate the dangers of moisture in container transports.

There are several ways to ensure you minimize the amount of moisture in your shipping container;


  1. Vents

Vents are a great way of keeping moisture out as they allow fresh air to pass through the container. Make sure your products are not touching the walls or ceiling of the container as this will reduce airflow. Another prevention when to try and do when having vents is keeping the doors closed on misty or wet days. This will allow moisture into the container that may not be able to fully leave the container.


  1. Paint

You can get specific paint to cover your container in and this will reduce the amount of moisture in the container. The biggest down side to this method is the fact you have to open the doors of the container on a regular basis, which is not ideal if you are shipping a product long distance.


  1. The last and most useful tool is the absorpole, these will hang in your shipping container neatly and out of the way. An absorpole will last 18 months, with closed doors in a container. This means you can use it for the longest of shipping journeys and reuse them for several different journeys. 4 required for a 20 foot shipping container and 6 for a 40 foot container.