The AbsorboPak inbox desiccant range protects the inside of crates, cartons and other types of packaging from mold, fungus, rust and other moisture related damage.

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AbsorGel ®️ Pouch S/D/X/HIP

AbsorGel®Pouch is based on the proven ability of calcium chloride to aggressively remove moisture from the air. The absorbed water is bound into a gel so no liquid water is formed, which prevents leakage.

AbsorGel®Pouch is the modern alternative to traditional methods like clay and silica gel and absorbs over 10 times more. AbsorGel®Pouch is part of the AbsorRange.

AbsorGel®Pouch can be used for almost any type of cargo that requires moisture protections.

Absorgel pouch inbox desiccant

The AbsorGel®Pouch Range


AbsorGel Pouch S/D

absorgel pouch X

AbsorGel Pouch X

AbsorGel Pouch HIP


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